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Living with Purpose, because We're Destiny Driven

Destiny Driven Ministries is a ministry that works diligently to create an atmosphere where God's people can feel safe and prepared to live a life of purpose. Our goal is to provide critical tools for living a life of peace, success, happiness all while loving and serving the Lord. Our leader, DrB! teaches us that we are DAYMASTERs as we are daily advancing our major agendas striving towards expected reward!

A Relevant Ministry, From A Relevant God, For Relevant People!

What you read is what we're taught, and what we're taught is how we live! We live in a world where people are afraid to be who they feel called to be and never live the life that God has planned for them. DrB! has inspired his followers to be real, authentic, and still about their fathers business.

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DrB! provides tools that are geared towards making changes in our lives that will help us reap the purposeful seeds we desire. His teachings are not always easy, and as he says "not for everyone," but for those who follow a testimony of success is never to far behind.

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Sunday Service
12 Noon
Facebook: @theoffocialddm
In Person: 5810 Kirkwood, Highway, Wilmington DE 19808