DrB!'s Life Purpose Deposits

The following are LifePurpose deposits written by DrB! Each deposit was crafted to provide clarity and insight into the daily challenges (opportunities) of life. Each deposit is impactful and can be used to guide and direct you whenever you read it.
*Deposits will be changed out monthly. Check back at the beginning of the month for new deposits"


Many people live miserable lives, and blame a multitude of issues as the cause. More often than not, a lack of personal fulfillment and a sense of personal failure are the true culprits for misery. You alone are responsible for fulfilling the amazing mandate of your LifePurpose; it is your responsibility. “…make full proof of your ministry (LifePurpose)” (2 Timothy 4:5). Your LifePurpose calls you to great accomplishments, and success, so great and consistent effort is required. Fulfillment follows a life filled with purpose.
Written by DrB!
Live Your LifePurpose - Deposit 83


The one who sows to flesh shall reap from the flesh; whoever sows to the Spirit shall reap everlasting reward. Do not get weary of doing well: you shall reap, if you do not faint, therefore, do good to all at every opportunity; (Gal. 6:8-10; paraphrased). I stress to you the importance of not allowing the enemy of your soul and LifePurpose to divert you. Moving forward, even slowly, is progress. Make sure your motives are pure, and your direction is clear, and then keep pressing on and do good, not evil! Your victory may be past the next push!
Written by DrB!
Live Your LifePurpose - Deposit 81


Please read, share and be inspired!
Words are powerful. With words you can turn the wrath of others away or stir up the anger of friends and foes alike. “The mouth of fools poureth out foolishness” (Proverbs 15:20). A foolish person speaks everything that comes to his/her mind. Negative thoughts will serve to tear you down, while, positive thoughts will fuel you with energy to continue moving towards your destiny. Think the thoughts, and speak the words, of life. 
Written by DrB!
Live Your LifePurpose - Deposit 4


You are a carbon copy of God Himself; the creator of the universe. You are made in His image, and very likeness, to do wonderful exploits in His name. You are not created to live according to the dictates, and opinions, of others. Beware of those who are intimidated by the gifts and talents God has placed within you, and those who discourage you concerning your LifePurpose, they will destroy your destiny. Determine to live out the plan of God for your life: peace, love, joy, happiness, and success.
Written by DrB!
Live Your LifePurpose - Deposit 7

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